Gathering a team of trainers including the fashion experienced, Vbiz superstars and prestigious professions in the world, beU Academy believe to bring you an international level coaching programs.

Being a Master of Finance and Accounting,

Supermodel Thanh Hang is one of the most

Mr. Jason Baumann is currently Director of

Tung Leo used to be a lecturer in Design

Kovit Ang is a professional producer cum

Hoang Minh Ha is teaching at University of

Tran Thien Ha Mi is quite popular name to

Samuel Hoang is in top 20 outstanding

Phuoc Loi is one of the leading makeup

In spite of graduating Doctor of Pharmacy

Lam Vinh Hai is dubbed to be the No.1

Mau Thuy – the winner of Vietnam’s Next

Hung Quang up to now (February 2016) has

Top 4 Vietnam's Next Top Model 2013 is

Hoang Ku was known at first to be a